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Our Products

Passenger Elevators

Axiomata offers all types of passenger elevators with the latest technology applications. Passenger elevators are categorized according to the size, weight, speed and the number of passengers transported vertically. Generally passenger elevators are available in capacities ranging from 4 passengers to 21 passengers with speed varying between .5 m/sec and 2.5 m/sec. Choice of elevator type may vary according to the type of building (Commercial, Residential Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, etc), number of floors, passenger traffic and the budget involved.

Home Elevators

Requirements of Home-Lifts is increasing day by day as luxurious villa projects are becoming very popular all over the world. Axiomata, with its technical expertise and creative designing team, has succeeded in providing world class home elevators to the clients. Home Elevators offered by Axiomata are highly efficient, eco-friendly and luxurious.

Car Elevators

Axiomata Elevators Pvt. Ltd offers all types of vehicle/car elevators ranging from 1500 kg cars to 5000 kg cars. Lately, Car Elevators are an essential feature in commercial and residential buildings.

Capsule Elevators

High rise residential buildings, shopping malls, star hotels and such luxurious complexes prefer Capsule Elevators which enable the passengers/users to have a panoramic view of the surroundings. Capsule Elevators are designed to enhance the outward appearance of the building. Axiomata has a specialized wing to design and install the most attractive capsule elevators as per the taste and requirement of the clients and the elevation of the building.

Escalators & Travelators

Escalators and Travelators are mostly used in commercial malls, Airports, Railway Stations and Bus Terminals. They enhance a building’s composure and character and act as a major attraction. Axiomata offers a wide variety of designs to suit the location and style of the complex or building.

Goods/Freight Elevators

Through our innovative techniques and designs, over the last seven years we have specialized the concept of vertical transportation of goods and materials. Lately for all modern industries it is inevitable to have an effective vertical goods transporting system. Hence, we offer various models of goods elevators with a wide variety of capabilities and sizes.

Bed/Hospital Elevators

Bed Lifts or Hospital Elevators are mainly used for efficient, smooth and swift vertical transportation of patients on wheel-chairs or stretchers with medical equipments, doctors, nurses and other attendants. Axiomata Elevators Pvt. Ltd offers the most efficient and dynamic looking bed lifts of all types and best suiting dimensions

Dumb Waiters

Dumb Waiters are small freight/goods elevators designed for carrying light weight materials like dishes in a kitchen, books in a multi-storey library, etc. Dumb Waiters are most commonly used in multi-storeyed restaurants, libraries, hospitals or office towers to vertically transport light weight articles. Passengers are never allowed in Dumb Waiters as their capacity is limited to about 250 kg.


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